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Commercial Services Offered

"It's not really clean until it's Crystal Clear Clean"

Post Construction

At Crystal Clear Cleaning we believe in completing a job that will be above and beyond your expectations. We can clean after a new build or reno of any type and will complete the service with very efficient and speedy service so that you can rest assured that the doors will be ready to open on time and with a look that will dazzle you.

We will always work for you and do exactly what you wish and then go the extra mile every time so that you are astounded by your service.

We work whatever hours that you

require to ensure you are ready to open on time with a smile!

Let Crystal Clear Cleaning take all the worry out of your cleaning needs, so you can focus on running your business.

Call us today and relax tomorrow!

Small Business & Offices

Crystal Clear can take care of any type of office or business facility and give you the cleaning service and dedication that you deserve! Whether you are a large office building, school, any professional service, Doctor or Lawyer, security office or small store we can keep you spotless and ready to greet your public every day!

We can give you service daily, once a week or any number of days of the week you would like. We work evenings, overnight or daytime to offer you exactly what you need.

We can work solo or in teams of two whichever is required for you. Simply tell us what you need and we are glad to provide.

All of our staff are courteous, professional, uniformed, licensed and insured and meet all government standards. They are hard working, caring individuals waiting to take care of you.

Call today and relax tomorrow!!!

(807) 286-0100

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